Should I buy Options?

  1. Buying Options, in the long run, is a losing strategy. Read more here
  2. If you just switch from buying to selling, you will turn around your P&L. Read more here
  3. If you are going to buy options, you need to understand that you have to get your view right in a massive way before expiry. This is because you need to recover the premium you paid, and make profits
  4. Every day you keep an option bought, your option will erode in value because of time value decay. This decay will increase exponentially
  5. Implied volatility is something you should always look at. If you buy at a very high IV, the option price will fall massively when IV goes down. Besides your daily time value decay will be higher too.
  6. Do not buy Put options and call option simultaneously hoping to make money on something. This never works well. You will lose time value on both.



Options Trading For All

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