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2 min readApr 19, 2020


With a view to keep improving our educational platform, we launched a new educational product. Some of our users have asked if this was right, and if all of our education is going to be paid. Here are the answers to most of those queries

First, not all of education is charged. A significant part of education is still free. You can access the following parts free of cost

  1. Our Youtube Videos here —
  2. Strategies Cheat Sheet —
  3. All our written content —
  4. Trader’s Manifesto —
  5. All our platform demo videos are still free —
  6. All our videos on our other partner broker channels
  7. Further, no video needed to learn about the platform features is charged. If you click on a demo video on a feature in the platform, it will still play

We realized that in the last few months, we did not create much educational content. This is because we are forced to choose things which increase our revenues. Since education was free it became a low-pri item.

We want to put more effort into education, improve it, and make it a brilliant product. That cannot happen if it does not pay the bills of those who write the code, create the content, mix the videos, edit the courses, etc. Therefore, to maintain continuous efforts in education, and to better it, we decided to make it paid, while keeping a significant part of the educational platform free.

We have done significant improvements on our new educational product

  1. All modules are now proper courses with a structure to it. You get milestones, quizzes, supplementary text content, etc. You can ask doubts in forums, and even get certificates of completion!
  2. We will continuously update and revise the material in the courses, and add relevant content
  3. We will be publishing more courses, on several more topics on and off options trading, and getting guest speakers as well

Thank you for reading this rather lengthy post. Please do reach out to us in case you have any doubts on




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