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It’s been a while since our last post. And we have been busy doing several things. Here is our latest update. Advice on Whatsapp.

How does it work?

  1. Every day, our experts look for options trading opportunities in the market
  2. We convert these opportunities into credit spreads in options. They receive a net premium, so even if we do not get the direction if trade fully right, there is still some money that can be made
  3. These trades are spreads. So the loss if they go wrong is limited. If you hit the stop, the loss is small. Even if you do not, it is contained by the option in the spread. So now you have complete peace of mind
  4. The challenge now is how do we make sure the trade is real-time? Simple. We use Whatsapp alerts. So whenever a trade goes live, or its time to enter or exit, we trigger a Whatsapp alert
  5. You can also see the state of the trade as live, target, stop-loss etc.

Here are some screenshots.

You can see if the trade is good to enter or not in this
If you miss the entry on a trade, we close it so that you don’t enter too late
Entry, Exit Stoploss and take profit comes on Whatsapp

Want to give it a try? Try it right here https://web.sensibull.com/advice

Options Trading For All

Options Trading For All