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Strategy Builder is one of the most used features on Sensibull. We gave it some upgrades this week. The list includes

  • Complete support for calendar spreads
  • Native app support from next week

We are also adding a few more tweaks in the next 5–10 days like

  • Open Interest data in Builder
  • And much more

So if you have not tried it yet, do give it a shot


Payment Link — https://pages.razorpay.com/oktoberfest

What do you get in this package?

1. Sensibull Pro 1 Year Plan worth Rs 18,400

Unlock all the features of Sensibull and Trade Options like a pro.

2. Options Trading Package worth Rs 1,900

4 courses designed for beginners that teach you the basics of Options Trading.

3. Ultimate Options Strategies Course worth Rs 3,999

An advanced course designed by Option Trading Professionals that teach you in-depth about Options Strategies and how to trade them.


We are excited to invite you to Club Sensibull — A best-in-class, exclusive, options learning programme. Club Sensibull gives you access to all the content we have ever made. And exclusive benefits such as complimentary entry to future courses and learner forums, priority support, and exclusive discounts. Sign up now for an introductory flat 20% offer with coupon code MEDIUM.

Check it out here

With a view to keep improving our educational platform, we launched a new educational product. Some of our users have asked if this was right, and if all of our education is going to be paid. Here are the answers to most of those queries

First, not all of education…

  1. Trading is years of hard work, learning, and discipline. If you are looking for a place to make money easily, look elsewhere.
  2. Trading is purely a game of psychology and discipline. Numbers data etc are secondary
  3. Never trade with a profit target in mind. Trade because…

There is always the next trade.

Trading is a process. Even if you take only one trade a day, every trade you take is one trade among tens of trades you will take in a month among 200 odd months of your trading life.

It is just one trade. Don’t…


Options Trading For All

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